Announced in 2021, the change in reviews in the Google Play Store has begun to take effect. The user will now be shown app reviews relevant to their device type. That is, if you look at the comments from the tablet, they will be displayed exclusively from users with similar gadgets.

Such reviews will be “split” into several categories: smartphones, foldable smartphones and tablets, Chromebooks, Android Auto, and wearable gadgets.

In the Google Play Store, they began to show reviews of applications relevant to the type of device

As the editors of TheVerge note, they saw different responses to the YouTube application from a foldable smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy S22.

This is an important change because users of different device types can have different experiences with the app. This can be related, for example, to different display sizes. Also, users who plan to open the application exclusively on, say, a “smart” watch, will not have to look for relevant reviews of other users of such gadgets among all others.

Also, in the filters, you will be able to select reviews not only for one type of device, but also for your specific gadget model.