Microsoft introduced the Windows Terminal emulator as an alternative to cmd.exe back in 2019 for Windows 10. This year, the company plans to make it the default Windows 11 command line and gradually adds new functionality to it.

The option to customize the appearance of the application using variable themes appeared in the new Windows Terminal Preview 1.16. They will be able to change the appearance of the window, tabs, and even the background image. True, it will not be easy to edit such themes – it is done in a JSON file, but the themes themselves will appear in the appropriate menu in the program interface settings.

Support for color themes will appear in Windows Terminal

In addition, in the new version of Windows Terminal Preview, the dark mode of the interface is set by default instead of using system settings. Also, Microsoft has updated the regular version of Windows Terminal to 1.15 – the new features in it are the same as in the similar version of Windows Terminal Preview.

Downloading Windows Terminal and Windows Terminal Preview is available from the Microsoft Store or from the Microsoft page on GitHub.