Intel has finally officially revealed the key specifications of the expected graphics cards of the Intel Arc line. During another question and answer session regarding the company’s future graphics solutions, Intel representatives marked the key specifications of future graphics adapters.

Intel reveals the specifications of Intel Arc A770/A750/A580 video cards

Intel is initially targeting three user segments. For the most demanding, the manufacturer will offer the Intel Arc A770 and Intel Arc A750 models, the Arc A5 line with one Intel Arc A580 model is positioned as a mid-level solution for players with ambitions who are not ready to spend big. In turn, Arc A380, as well as possible models of the A3xx series are at the initial level of discrete graphics.

Intel reveals the specifications of Intel Arc A770/A750/A580 video cards

The top video card – Intel Arc A770 – will be based on the ACM-G10 graphics processor with 32 activated Xe-cores, which in turn contain 4096 computers. In addition, the GPU will include 32 modules for trace processing, and 512 XMX Engine blocks for matrix calculations. The specified operating frequency of the graphics processor is 2100 MHz.

The Intel Arc A770 will be equipped with 8 GB and 16 GB of GDDR6 memory running at an effective 17,500 MHz. A 256-bit bus will allow you to get a bandwidth of 560 GB/c.

In the case of the Intel Arc A750 the ACM-G10 GPU will include 28 Xe-cores, 28 RT-modules and 448 XMXs. The operating frequency of the GPU is 2050 MHz. The video card will also receive a 256-bit bus. At the same time, effective 16,000 MHz will allow you to get bandwidth at the level of 512 MB/c.

Surprisingly, even the Intel Arc A580 graphics card will also use the ACM-G10 graphics processor. We will remind you that this chip is manufactured by TSMC using 6-nanometer technology, includes 21.7 billion transistors, and has a crystal area of ​​406 mm². That is, it is a rather powerful silicon blank. Obviously, at the initial stage, it is more profitable for the manufacturer to use such a GPU even for simpler solutions. For comparison, the GA106 used for the GeForce RTX 3050/3060 has a crystal area of ​​276 mm² and 12.0 billion transistors, while the GA104 (RTX 3060 Ti/3070/3070 Ti) has 392 mm² and 17.4 billion.

In the version for Intel Arc A580, the ACM-G10 processor will have 24 Xe-cores with 3072 computers, 24 trace processing units and 384 XMXs. The operating frequency is slightly lower than that of older models – 1700 MHz. Memory bus – 256 bits, bandwidth – 512 GB/c.

Intel recently demonstrated the capabilities of the Arc A750 by testing the graphics card in 50 games, and comparing the obtained indicators with those for GeForce RTX 3060 12 GB. As a result, the average indicators of both models are very similar. But it should be noted that projects with DirectX 12 and Vulkan APIs were used for the test. Of course, objectivity requires results from independent sources.

If we take into account the presented indicators, we can assume that the Arc A770 will compete with the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti. That is, at the first stage of its graphics expansion, Intel will try to gain a foothold in the Middle-Top segment.

Intel reveals the specifications of Intel Arc A770/A750/A580 video cards

Intel Arc A770/A750 Limited Edition branded adapters will be available when the video cards go on sale. At the same time, there is no information about the original models from partners.

The power consumption level of older video cards is also indicated on the presentation slide. In both cases, the Total Board Power is 225 W. As you can see in the photo, one 8-pin and 6-pin connector are provided on the upper edges for connecting additional power.

The most interesting thing still remains – the prices and the date of the official start of sales of video cards – still remain behind the scenes. The A7xx models are expected to be available as early as October, while the A580 will arrive a bit later. As for the entry-level Intel Arc A380 adapter, which has been available for some time in the Chinese market, and has also begun to appear on sale even on American online sites with a price tag of $139, it is quite possible that with the start of sales of older models, the geography of A380 availability will also expand.