The Chevrolet company shows its new compact electric crossover Equinox EV, which should occupy the niche of a mass and relatively affordable model. After all, its projected cost starts at $30,000. At the same time, in the form of the Chevrolet Equinox EV, we get a modern model with an attractive design: just look at the photos below.

And it’s really modern – because the Chevrolet Equinox EV is built on elements of the Ultium platform from GM, which allows you to install rather large batteries (the maximum promised mileage is up to 480 km) and even two electric motors for the implementation of eAWD all-wheel drive. The last case promises us a power of 290 “horses”. Although the basic version with front-wheel drive and one rear electric motor does not fit: you can count on 210 hp.

And the new Chevrolet Equinox EV crossover offers a choice between two versions – LT or RS – a collection of 19/20/21-inch alloy wheels, several options for 2-color body paint and interior trim. By the way, the main highlight of the latter is a huge 17.7-inch monitor.

Interested in the Chevrolet Equinox EV crossover? Even taking into account its cost! However, electric happiness on wheels will have to wait – production of the Chevrolet Equinox EV should begin only in 2023.