Carscoops reflects on the future of the Kia Stinger model – for example, in the form of an electric car. And why not? After all, the E-GMP platform allows you to get rear or all-wheel drive, install a large battery, and use an 800-volt power supply.

At the same time, this platform can be “covered” from above with an attractive body in the characteristic style of the Kia Stinger model: a large hood and narrow headlights, a convex roof and sloping rear pillars. Of course, these are only “renderings” – that is, unofficial images from third-party designers – but even now the potential electric car Kia Stinger EV looks very good!

But can technology support these hints? After all, the Kia Stinger model has always flaunted not only its design, but also its sporty character and powerful engines. However, let’s remember the Kia EV6 GT electric car and imagine its capabilities in a new body: two electric motors and four-wheel drive, power of about 585 “horses”, torque of 740 Nm, acceleration from 0-100 km/h within 3.5 seconds.

At the same time, the battery with 77.4 kWh can provide a distance of autonomous mileage of about 500-600 km on one full charge. Plus, the low streamlined body of the Kia Stinger EV will provide an additional advantage during long high-speed trips – it will be quieter and you can drive further. Well, it turns out that the idea of ​​building a new Kia Stinger as an electric car is not meaningless. How real is it? We will see closer to 2025.