You have probably come across a video on the Internet where a man approaches strangers in expensive sports cars and asks what exactly they do to afford such a car. Sometimes the answer “I’m a model on OnlyFans” sound very sarcastic. But this is not so, because some participants of this service really manage to earn very good money.

The English company shared its financial figures for the year 2021 (for the company it ended on November 30, 2021). This has been the most successful year for OnlyFans so far. Net income increased by 160% and amounted to $932 million, and pre-tax profit was $433 million. For example, the company earned $61 million a year earlier.

But content creators were able to earn $3.86 billion, which is 115% more than a year earlier. Gross revenue amounted to $4.8 billion, which is more than double compared to 2020. And since the service was founded in 2016, creators have already received more than $8 billion.

The domestic competition also increased by 34% over the year, and the total number of creators was 2.16 million. In turn, users increased by 128% to 188 million.

According to the research company Statista, the top three in terms of earnings from the platform were rapper Cardi B with $9.34 million/month, actress and singer Bella Thorne — $11 million/month, and Blac Chyna — $20 million/month.