Is this still an electric car or a rocket on wheels? This is the question that arises when you first see the Tesla SpaceX Model R hypercar, Carscoops reports. In fact, this is not a ready-made hypercar, but only thoughts around it. And not by the Tesla company itself, but by a third-party designer. However, it still looks amazing!

Even some interesting specifications of the possible future Tesla SpaceX Model R humpercar have been released. It is expected to be an electric car, but with two rocket boosters. Its power will be 2,600 hp. or even 2950 hp. in the racing version – by the way, it will be able to show a maximum speed of over 500 km/h. In addition, interesting solutions of aerodynamics will allow to improve the pressing of the body to the road and to reach the level of 4G overload in the turn. Learn more about the possible new Tesla SpaceX Model R hypercar in the video.