For the Independence Day of Ukraine, the Uklon application visualized the wishes of Ukrainians and removed unwanted “neighbors”, turning them into a “sea of ​​bavovna” (the name for expolsions in Russia). In the upper right corner of the main screen of the application, by clicking on the patriotic mediator, you can see Ukraine, the Black Sea, as well as Russia, and Belarus on the map. Uklon offers to change this situation: shake the phone and remove the excess from the map.

“Independence Day is special this year. Each of us is aware of the value of being free and knows the price of Ukraine’s struggle for its freedom. The Uklon team decided to reproduce the wishes of the majority – and we did it, in our application. For now, this is only a visualization of a dream, but we are convinced that the right thoughts and donations help our heroes to bring us closer to the dream victory over our enemies every day,” comments Vadym Ishchenko, marketing director of Uklon.