Ukrainian Games Festival started on Steam

As we predicted, following GOG. com on Steam Ukrainian Games Festival was launched in honor of Independence Day.

The idea of ​​holding the Festival arose in the Telegram chat Ukrainian indie gamedev, which initially united indie developers, who back in March 2022 created Ukrainian indie bundle in support of the Armed Forces, and then the second indie bundle. The editors of Mezha contributed a little to bringing this initiative to a new level. But all the very large organizational work was carried out by the team of the PR agency GTP Media, which is known for holding a competition of independent developers Indie Cup, and personally Ihor Pospishnyi, Ivan Titov and Stepan Prokhorenko, to whom we are very grateful.

Ukrainian Games Festival looks really impressive. It features 222 games (!) not including DLC. Both games of well-known large studios, such as GSC Game World, Frogwares, Game-Labs, and many interesting projects of small studios and individual developers.

Some of them have been released for a long time, some have been released very recently, already during a full-scale war, some are in Early Access, and some will be released soon. In any case, the number and quality of Ukrainian games is impressive and what is characteristic is that all of them were released during the time of Independence (this is a joke, if anything). In any case, we can be proud of Ukrainian developers and Ukrainian games.

So, support Ukrainian game developers and recommend Ukrainian games to your friends abroad. Ukrainian Games Festival will last until August 29, 2022, don’t miss interesting games and discounts!

Everything will be Ukraine!

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