Recently, a presentation of a “prototype from the past” took place in Dnipro – the ZAZ Perspecktiva car, which appeared in 1976. It is informed by AVTOCENTR.

At one time, ZAZ Perspektiva was supposed to be the next step for the Ukrainian automobile plant. It was made in a “2-door sedan” body (reminiscent of the ZAZ-966 and ZAZ-968), but it had front-wheel drive and a front engine location – that is, in general, its design was quite modern for the 1970s.

In the end, the ZAZ Tavria car received a similar layout, although it was already distinguished by a different “3-door hatchback” type body. By the way, both models have a common index (ZAZ-1102) and compact dimensions: the length of the ZAZ Perspektiva is 3.7 meters, and the width is 1.54 meters. The story about ZAZ Perspektiva can be viewed below.