Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, martial law has been imposed in the country, which, among other things, prohibits men of the conscription age from traveling abroad. For business, this creates corresponding problems. Today, the government adopted a resolution that will allow business trips, and it will be possible to apply for a permit through the Diia portal.

Currently, for such permission, the company must meet certain requirements:

For the mobility of business in the conditions of martial law, from September 1 on the Diia portal  Business Trips service is launched. Today, the government adopted a resolution that allows this service to be introduced in an experimental format.

It can be used by individual enterpreneurs and legal entities who:

✅ submitted tax reporting;

✅ do not have arrears from the single contribution to the state social insurance;

✅ the average salary in the company is at least 20 thousand hryvnias;

✅ made a guaranteed payment of 200 thousand hryvnias

✅ the number of insured persons for the last month of the reporting quarter must be at least 10 persons.

The duration of such a business trip can be up to 7 days, and no more than 10% of insured persons will be allowed to travel at the same time. It is also assumed that no more than 10 employees of one company can go at a time.

“For business representatives to be able to participate in international events, sign business contracts and return to Ukraine for the development of their business,” commented the Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yuliya Svyridenko on the air of the national telethon.