Ever since the debut of the current Dodge Challenger coupe, fans of the model have been waiting for the possibility of ordering an open version of the car from dealers. Those who were more impatient were forced to turn to third-party tuning studios. For example, the company Drop Top Customs, which has long offered open versions of the Dodge Challenger. It seems that the experience of the craftsmen and the quality of the car conversion have completely satisfied the requirements of Dodge – from now on, the Dodge Challenger Convertible car can be ordered directly from an official dealer.

Converting a Dodge Challenger coupe into an open Convertible is not a cheap pleasure: prepare at least $26,000 and that’s just for the work. And if we add the nuance that the open version is available only for the maximum modifications of the Dodge Challenger R/T, R/T Scat Pack and SRT, then the minimum cost of such a project in general reaches $65 thousand. But look how handsome it turned out!