The popular document scanning application Scanner Pro from Readdle with offices in Kyiv and Odesa has finally received Ukrainian localization.

Scanner Pro lets you use your iPhone or iPad as a portable digital scanner that automatically enhances images and recognizes text in 28 languages, allowing you to select and copy it.

Readdle’s Scanner Pro application for iPhone and iPad is now available in Ukrainian

The application automatically tags and organizes documents according to their type. Users can save and find their invoices, receipts, forms or business cards.

Readdle notes that the Ukrainian localization of Scanner Pro has been delayed due to the complexity of adding new languages.

“Developing a program in a new language requires a lot of work. After all, it is necessary not only to write and read all the content, but also to approve it, test it, finally edit and check it – all this is quite a painstaking and long process,” the company notes.

You can install Scanner Pro on iPhone and iPad for free, but in the app has in-app purchases.