According to the job search site, the number of actual vacancies increased to 40,459. In July, the labor market in western Ukraine reached 75% of last year’s figures.

The labor market shows a slight recovery. In July, the number of vacancies increased by 14%. It is noteworthy that last year in July there was a decline compared to June.

Not only IT: according to, the labor market grew by 14% in July

Top 5 regions of Ukraine by vacancies

The leaders in terms of the number of posted vacancies were Kyiv region — 10,839, Lviv — 4,950, Dnipropetrovsk — 3,618, Odesa — 2,128, and Ivano-Frankivsk region — 1,389.

In Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, the number of vacancies in July 2022 has already reached 80%, and 76% of the number of vacancies in July 2021.

Not only IT: according to, the labor market grew by 14% in July

The largest increase in job offers in July was observed in Dnipro Region (+25%), Zaporizhzhia (+21%), Mykolaiv (+21%), Kirovohrad (+17%) and Kyiv regions (+16%).

Who was most searched for in July?
The July five leaders in the ranking with the largest number of vacancies for the month have not changed. Only the demand for such popular specialists has increased:

  • sales manager — 3 246 vacancies (+13%);
  • seller-consultant — 2 260 vacancies (+11%);
  • accountant — 1 628 vacancies (+20%);
  • driver — 1 265 vacancies (+16%);
  • chef — 1 149 vacancies (+11%).

Not only IT: according to, the labor market grew by 14% in July

Growth of new vacancies in these categories:

  • Jurisprudence +38%;
  • Education and science +31%;
  • Finance, bank +27%;
  • Real estate +25%;
  • Insurance +22%.

The increase in job vacancies may indicate the recovery of business activity in these business areas.

Top 5 regions of Ukraine by competition

The war continues, and the main trend in the labor market is unchanged: the market remains with the employers. However, the factor of seasonality and migration processes affected the overall level of competition. In the second month of summer, the average number of reviews decreased slightly. This July, the competition is four times higher than in July last year.

The highest competition in July was in five regions. The average number of responses per vacancy almost halved compared to June in Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, and Zaporizhzhia regions.
The lowest competition — less than one response per vacancy per day — is observed in Zakarpattia, Chernivtsi, Mykolaiv, Zhytomyr, and Cherkasy regions.
In July, the resume database grew by approximately 17% or 80,000 CVs. The newest CVs appeared in the following regions:

  • Kyiv region — 32 300;
  • Remote work — 10 940;
  • Dnipropetrovsk region — 9 999;
  • Lviv region — 8 441;
  • Odesa region — 7 775.

The newest candidates appeared for the following positions:

Not only IT: according to, the labor market grew by 14% in July

Compared to July of last year, the demand for the positions of photo editor, beauty salon administrator, HTML designer, and four times for video editors and graphic designers has increased by almost six times.

Top 5 positions with the most competition in July and the average number of reviews per vacancy per day:

  • photo editor — 13;
  • beauty salon administrator — 13;
  • HTML designer — 12;
  • video editor— 8;
  • graphic designer— 7.

The list of the least competitive positions is headed by an endocrinologist for the second month in a row. Low competition is also observed for such jobs as Ruby on Rails programmer, ultrasound doctor, sawmill operator.

Salaries: there is a slight decline in indicators in the regions

Salaries changed insignificantly but in a downward direction. Since the beginning of the summer, the median salary in Ukraine has remained at the level of UAH 15,000. Salaries in the Kyiv region have not changed. A drop in salaries by 3-6% is observed in Lviv, Kharkiv, and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

The highest salary is traditionally in the categories of real estate and top management.

Not only IT: according to, the labor market grew by 14% in July

Salary increases at the level of 2-6% took place in July in the categories “Agriculture and agribusiness”, “Work specialties, production”, “Hotel and restaurant business, tourism” and “Sphere of Service”, “Personnel management, HR”. This may be partly due to the tourist season and harvest.

Not only IT: according to, the labor market grew by 14% in July

Top 5 highest paid specialists not related to the IT sphere:

  • media buyer — 57,500 UAH;
  • TV host — 40,000 UAH;
  • worker on construction of high-rises and an international driver —35,000 UAH;
  • sales department manager — 32,500 UAH;
  • director of the enterprise — 32,250 UAH.

The lowest salary by job vacancies: cleaner — 7,000 UAH, orderly — 6,850 UAH.