Ukrainian brands fought for a place on the Swallow’s Nest, a well-known symbol of Crimea. Rozetka started the flash mob by posting a tweet on the evening of August 9:

Other brands joined in the fun – not just the ones Rozetka called out in the tweet:

Opinion leaders and state institutions claim their right to participate in the fate of the Swallow’s Nest. Chef Yevhen Klopotenko promises to cook borshch for everyone, the Crimean Prosecutor’s Office – to watch over the heritage, and the Verkhovna Rada hints at meetings in the walls of the palace. Even the dog Patron is going to chew through the ribbon.

Users request Monobank to open the first branch on this occasion. Some demand the Lviv version of the palace – with Piana vyshnia, Lviv Croissants and Svit Kavy.

In response to numerous calls, an unofficial account of Puzata Khata participated. It did not fight for a place under the Crimean sun, but announced more ambitious plans: