More than 30% of the territory of Ukraine is considered contaminated by explosive devices. To help protect against them, the MineFree application was developed. Its purpose is to increase the level of protection of the civilian population, to provide an opportunity to report on detected ammunition, and to inform about territories that carry a potential threat.

The functionality of the application allows:

  • View the map on which potentially dangerous areas are marked, according to the data of the State Emergency Service;
  • Get a notification in case of approaching a dangerous object;
  • Read the directory of the State Emergency Service, which contains a photo and description of explosive objects;
  • Report detection of explosive or suspicious objects.

MineFree: a new mine safety application from the State Emergency Service

The application was developed by volunteers of the Swiss charitable organization Free Ukraine with the support of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. It can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

“Every day residents of cities and towns are exposed to danger due to explosive weapons left behind or used by the enemy on streets, roads, forests, fields, rivers, lakes, etc. Many people are returning to their native homes and places, but living conditions have changed, and this must be remembered,” emphasizes the State Emergency Service.