Frogwares studio launched a Kickstarter campaign for the game Sherlock Holmes The Awakened and collected the required amount in a few hours

As planned, Kyiv studio Frogwares launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday to collect additional funds for the development of the adventure game Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, a remake of the 2006 game. In just a few hours, the necessary amount was collected!

The amount that Frogwares raised was $71,658, and as of now, the Kickstarter campaign has already raised $92,525 and this number is changing every minute.

We will remind you that the planned remake will be almost a new game, with new graphics and even a revised plot. Now this is a kind of continuation of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – a mystical detective about the first joint case of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

In addition to the game’s first trailer, which you can see above, Frogwares has released another video reminding Western game fans and gaming journalists about the Russian-Ukrainian war and what it’s like to develop games under fire.

Judging by the dates of the bakers’ awards, Sherlock Holmes The Awakened is scheduled for release in February 2023, but in the current environment, no one will blame Frogwares for a possible delay.

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