AUTOCAR released an image of a future electric car – it is a Honda Prologue model. According to the first information, Honda Prologue is a mix of station wagon and crossover, which should be similar in size to Honda CR-V.

However, there is a question – where did the Japanese company get the technical part to build a large modern electric car? The first spy photos of the Honda Prologue can provide the answer: pay attention to the general profile of the body and the long wheelbase.

What does it resemble? Of course, the new electric car Chevrolet Blazer EV, which was also recently announced. Moreover, the assumptions are based if we mention the cooperation between Honda and GM (which also includes the Chevrolet brand) in the direction of joint development of electric cars. Here are the first results.

It seems that the Honda Prologue electric car will be built on the Ultium platform, will receive several options for electric motors and batteries, and its maximum modification may even be produced under the premium Acura brand. What of this is true, and what is just guesswork we will find out closer to 2024, when the new Honda Prologue is scheduled to be launched.