Swedish indie studio Neon Giant has announced the first major content expansion to the cyberpunk action/RPG The Ascent. DLC The Ascent Cyber-Heist should be released on August 18, 2022.

If you somehow missed out on The Ascent, we highly recommend you catch up, because it’s a really cool game with an incredible cyberpunk vibe that would make even Cyberpunk 2077 jealous. In any case, you have until August 18th to play the main storyline of The Ascent because the events of the Cyber-Heist expansion begin immediately after it ends.

The DLC brings new main and side missions, new weapons, including a cold one that wasn’t in the main game, and a whole new arcology to explore! The game can be continued in both solo and cooperative mode.

The cost of The Ascent itself is currently 635 UAH (with a discount it could be purchased for only 254 UAH), so it should be expected that the expansion Cyber-Heist will cost around 350 UAH at the start.