As announced by the Chinese authorities, the day after the visit to Taiwan by the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, China’s People’s Liberation Army began military maneuvers around the island.

The maneuvers, which include live firing, will continue until noon on August 7, 2022. The problem is that some of the zones declared by China as maneuver zones are in Taiwan’s territorial waters, and the location of the six closed zones indicates attempts at a naval blockade by the Republic of China.

China has begun military exercises around Taiwan

The Ministry of Defense of Taiwan noted that the country’s army is still in normal mode and monitoring the situation.

According to the experts of the portal Defence 24 currently China is unable to conduct a full-scale amphibious operation in Taiwan. The People’s Republic of China simply lacks large amphibious ships, and an airborne landing is unlikely due to the high density of Taiwan’s air defense. But with such a concentration of military forces on both sides, an accidental shot can be the reason for the start of a war.

We remind that Taiwan and China are home to the world’s largest producers of microchips, which means that any disturbance in this region will affect high-tech industries around the world and will most likely trigger an economic crisis of unprecedented proportions.