Shells and missiles worth $550 million: the next aid package from the United States has been announced

The 17th support package from the Joe Biden administration, sent by presidential decree from the US Army stockpile (yes, it’s still not Lend-Lease), consists of 75,000 155mm rounds and an undisclosed amount of ammunition for MRLS HIMARS and M270 / MARS II. The cost of the next aid package is $550 million.

Based on the cost of the package, the experts of the site Defense Express tried to calculate the number of missiles for HIMARS and M270 in this shipment.

The number of 155-mm shells and their average price are known – 75 thousand at a cost of about $2 thousand per unit (taking into account a certain amount of impulse-reaction and high-precision ammunition in the supply). That is, shells account for about $150 million of the total amount of $550 million. So the balance of $400 million gives somewhere from 2,666 to 3,809 missiles for MLRS (unit cost $105,000-150,000 depending on the modification). And this is from 444 to 634 “packages” of 6 missiles each. That is, regular “claps” in the rear of the Russian army will continue. And that’s good.

Thank you, Mr. Biden!

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