Sometimes microtransactions can play a bad joke. The host of the YouTube channel jtisallbusiness claims that he spent in Diablo Immortal “about $100 thousand” on upgrading his character, after which he became so “cool” that he cannot play in PvP: the opponent selection system simply cannot find him an adequate opponent.

In the released video, he complains that “the game doesn’t let him do the things he spent a lot of money on, and the company doesn’t say when it’s going to be fixed.” According to him, he contacted Blizzard through forums and Twitter, but only heard back that “we are aware of the problem.”

jtisallbusiness is now considering seeking legal help, and in the meantime, some players believe that this time the microtransaction system worked exactly as it should: they said he wanted to be the coolest in the game – and he got his way.