Intel is already planning the introduction of a new communication standard for local area networks Wi-Fi 802.11be, or simply Wi-Fi 7. It is expected to double the speed of the current Wi-Fi 6e.

An increase in the frequency in the 6 GHz range made it possible to obtain a data transfer rate of 5.8 Gbit/s. At the same time, the theoretical maximum speed of such devices should increase to 36 Gbit/s. According to Eric McLaughlin, vice president of Intel’s wireless solutions division, the company is already working with the Wi-Fi Alliance to certify future products.

“Wi-Fi 7 almost doubles the frequency bandwidth of 802.11ax (170 MHz) to 320 MHz and doubles the speed of Wi-Fi. Since there is more than a year left before the release of 802.11be, there is still a chance that we could improve the processing speed even further,” McLaughlin said.

The company plans to introduce the new Wi-Fi 7 standard in laptop models in 2024, with more widespread use in 2025.

The use of the new standard should affect the comfort of streaming, in the latest games, in augmented and virtual reality, and even the work of robots.