Currently, MB market is running auction for the sale of a 1988 Mercedes-Benz AMG 6.0L Hammer Coupe. There is still more than a week until the end of the auction, and the cost of the car has already reached $275,000 – and for what?

Perhaps, because about 30 copies of such cars were created, and in the specification for the North American market – only 13 units in general. From the outside, the exclusive Mercedes-Benz AMG 6.0L Hammer Coupe can be recognized by bumpers and various additional aerodynamic elements, chrome 17-inch wheels, modified exhaust system, etc.

The interior attracts attention with gray leather trim, decorative wood inserts, a Sony cassette audio system – do you feel the spirit of the times? The instrument panel contains many traditional indicators with arrows and only a small display. And here you can see the odometer with a modest mileage indicator: only 19.4 thousand miles.

However, the most important feature of the Mercedes-Benz AMG 6.0L Hammer Coupe is hidden under the hood: a huge 6-liter V8 with a capacity of 385 “horses”, working in pairs with a 4-speed automatic transmission. It is worth noting that the chassis was also modified – the car received special springs and shock absorbers with sports settings. Just under the power level of a monster engine!

And now the main question is – was it really better before? And if so, is it worth $275,000 (and maybe much more) in today’s world?