Boeing published a long-term forecast for the sale of passenger aircraft on the global market. The company does not expect any aircraft deliveries to Russia until 2041. In last year’s forecast, it was assumed that air carriers from the Russian Federation would purchase 1,500 new aircraft by 2040. As Boeing Vice President Darren Hulst put it: “For us, this is not an addressable market.”

According to Boeing’s forecast, 41,170 new passenger aircraft will be delivered to the world market by 2041. We are talking about all manufacturers, not just Boeing, which currently produces 800-900 new planes a year. A year earlier, the same forecast contained a figure of 43,610. The beginning of the hot phase of the Russian-Ukrainian war, sanctions, and recession made adjustments to this prediction.

In addition, Boeing lowered its forecast for annual growth in passenger traffic to 3.8% from last year’s 4%.

As for cargo transportation, an almost two-fold increase is expected here. The global fleet of cargo airliners will grow from 2,010 aircraft in 2019 to 3,610 aircraft in 2041.

In any case, Boeing will not lose from the decline in the forecast for the sale of aircraft. If civilian orders fall, the military will significantly increase by 100% in the next few years.