National film industry is gaining momentum: on August 24, the Independence Day of Ukraine, the first Ukrainian military action film since the full-scale invasion, Sniper. White Raven is going to be released.

Mykola Voronenko’s story is based on real events. This is the path of transformation of a pacifist into a real sniper with the call sign Raven, who enters into a fierce struggle for freedom and justice, despite his own principles and prejudices.

Filming took place in 2020. The creative team enlisted the support of the National Guard of Ukraine, which provided equipment and permits for filming in specially designated locations, and involved personnel to create realistic shots.

In addition, the filming was accompanied by a military consultant – a sniping instructor. Half a year before the start of filming, the actor Pavlo Aldoshin, the lead actor, underwent special military training, and now the acquired skills help him defend the Motherland in the ranks of the Armed Forces.

Ukrainian military action Sniper. White Raven will be released on Independence Day