Finally, HBO has released a new, longer trailer for the series House of the Dragon. Fans of the blond Targaryen aristocrats will not be disappointed – the trailer has many epic scenes with their participation, as well as dragons and hints of a large-scale story.

The series will show the heyday of House Targaryen. In this prequel to Game of Thrones, the events take place just before the civil war that will be waged by the heirs to power. The civil war would mean the end of House Targaryen, weakened by infighting and ultimately nearly destroyed before the events of Game of Thrones.

The series is based on the 2018 novel Fire and Blood by George Martin. It stars Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen and Emma D’Arcy as his rival, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen.

The premiere of the series is scheduled for August 21 on HBO. House of the Dragon will be broadcast on HBO Max.