The interim updates to Apple’s operating systems were released last night. These are mostly fixes for various bugs from past versions. And it is unlikely that the current versions of the systems will already receive any major updates because the testing of new OSes is already underway for the second month.

So, among the current updates are the following: the ability to control the playback of live broadcasts in the TV application were added in iOS and iPadOS 15.6, also errors in Settings, Mail, and Safari were fixed; the same updates to the TV application are available in macOS 12.5, where errors in the proprietary browser have now been corrected; watchOS 8.7 includes “improvements, bug fixes, and security updates”; and tvOS 15.6 should improve performance and stability.

Of course, all systems also receive security updates that close discovered security gaps. Although it will be relatively difficult to encounter risks in the practical use of such, these updates should not be ignored.