The “father” of the classic shooters DOOM and Quake, John Romero, has long been out of id Software and has recently been working on indie games in the company he founded with his wife, Romero Games: among other things, this is the unofficial fifth episode to DOOM – Sigil, a role-playing strategy Empire of Sin and a new level for DOOM II, all proceeds from the sale of which Romero sends to support the Ukrainians.

Just yesterday, the legendary developer announced on his Twitter that he is working on a new first-person shooter in an original setting, which is being developed on Unreal Engine 5, and is looking for a team to work on the project. A similar announcement appeared on the company’s website.

Well, let’s hope the new game is better than John Romero’s last big shooter, Daikatana (which came out back in 2000).