Nova Poshta is going to enter the EU countries, in the first stage, it will be neighboring Ukraine. And the first will be Poland, where the Ukrainian delivery service should start working by the end of the year. About this in an interview with said the director of Nova Poshta on reputation management Olena Plakhova.

“We are a company that always follows the customer. We see that 5 million people went abroad, especially customers say “We miss you.” So really, we plan to go to the European market,” she said.

In addition to Poland, Nova Poshta also plans to enter the markets of Slovakia and Romania, and then depending on the success of launches to consider other countries.

“First of all, we will go into those countries that border Ukraine: Poland, Slovakia, Romania. This will be the first stage, and then we will look at how it goes there, and we will plan the second stage and other countries,” Olena Plakhova added.