The well-known Jeep brand has long promised to release a compact electric crossover. Looks like a new model is almost ready-electric camouflage was “caught” by spies during the official shooting of the novelty, which is reported by AUTOCAR.

From now on, it is clear that the Jeep electric car will receive rectangular lights and a black insert between them, the dark color of the central part of the hood, X-shaped lanterns, prominent wheel arches. With the help of the existing first photos, you can form the overall design of the future model.

Interestingly, there is also a photo with the image of the back of the car, where the exhaust pipe is clearly visible. That is, Jeep’s compact crossover also has to get a version with traditional ICE.

Given the integration of the Jeep brand into the Stellantis composition, you can expect to use the new CMP platform models: it allows you to create both ordinary cars and electric vehicles. So, the new Jeep electric car can become a closest relative of, for example, Citroen E-C4 or Peugeot E-2008.