New cars Toyota Crown have recently debuted. It is a real “icon” for JDM style fans. However, will it remain so in the future, after a radical change of concept Toyota Crown? And what does this Toyota Crown concept include now? After all, from now on the name Toyota Crown hides at once four completely different cars, while the debut was marked by an unusual cross sedan.

New Toyota Crown cars:there are four models now

The Toyota Crown first appeared in 1955. From that time to today, 15 generations of the model were released. Usually, it was a classic sedan with powerful multi-cylinder engines: not only V6, but even V8 were found. Of course, there were also “deviations from the main line”: for example, in the form of a wagon body or hybrid versions in the latest generations of the model. However, the rule “Toyota Crown is a large powerful business sedan” still worked.

Currently, it’s a family of four models, three of which have the suffix “cross” in their definition. Take a close look at the photos below. Only the gray and silver Toyota Crown Sedan Concept car is a traditional sedan, it is the only one of the four. The yellow Toyota Crown Estate Concept car is a station wagon with hints of a crossover. The red car Toyota Crown Sport Concept is a coupe-like crossover. By the way, note the names: these three models are currently concepts. Finally, the brown-bronze Toyota Crown car is the same car that has already officially debuted and from which the countdown to the new generation begins.

In general,Toyota Crownfrom now on is not just a “model”, but a separate “family of models” which prepared four different cars at once. Of these, only one is a traditional sedan. Plus two more crossovers. And now the main debutant is the cross sedan, which I will talk about below…

The debut is a “cross sedan”

This very “cross” is expressed in several positions: increased ground clearance, large wheels, dark protective panels on the bottom of the body. But if we exclude these points, then the Toyota Crown car is the embodiment of the same sedan that we are waiting for. First, it is a large car: length – 4.93 m; wheelbase – 2.85 m; width – 1.84 m; height – 1.54 m (but do not forget about the “cross” format and high body, a traditional sedan would be lower). Secondly, it is still a sedan: despite the sloping roof, it has a separate trunk lid.

In addition, the new car has retained its positioning – the Toyota Crown is still a business-class sedan: a spacious and comfortable interior, leather trim inside, ventilated seats, a panoramic roof, a pair of 12.3-inch displays (instrument panel and multimedia), modern security systems, JBL audio system, etc.

The manufacturer positions the model as “Toyota Crownof a new era”. The key qualities of Crown sedans are preserved, plus the now popular cross-format is added. Simultaneously with the noticeable change of the car itself, its internal technical part also changed significantly…

Modern platform, powerful hybrids

New Toyota Crown models were built on the already known TNGA architecture, GA-K platform is used, MacPherson front suspension, rear multi-lever. All versions of the car will receive all-wheel drive and hybrid power units. Moreover, two hybrids are offered at once: both are built on the basis of gasoline 4-cylinder engines, but they differ significantly in design and power.

The first option is the THS hybrid, which combines a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine and an electric drive. The total power of the hybrid is 236 hp, it offers an eCVT transmission (electromechanical variator) and three driving modes, and the E-Four AWD all-wheel drive is implemented using an electric motor on the rear wheels.

The second variant is even more interesting. As, for the first time on Toyota sedans, the HYBRID MAX system is used, which is built based on a 2.4-liter turbo engine and offers a total power of 340 hp which is not bad! And it’s even better when you start learning about the transmission: a 6-speed “automatic” and an eAxle rear module with a liquid-cooled electric motor. Plus six driving modes, including the most sporty SPORT+ and customized CUSTOM.

New car Toyota Crown equipment has changed almost more radically than the appearance and positioning: two hybrid options, all-wheel drive with an electric motor for the rear wheels, high power and a traditional “automatic”. And all for what?…

Sales in 40 countries of the world, but are we waiting for them in Ukraine?

It seems that Toyota wants to make the Crown model (now you can say “family”) global. For the first time since 1972, the Toyota Crown car is returning to the US market – after a 50-year absence, new approaches to customers must be sought. And in general, new Toyota Crown cars should be sold in 40 countries and regions.

It is not surprising that the company decided to bet on a more universal cross-format, which is now popular all over the world. Including Ukraine: personally, I would like to see the new Toyota Crown in our country as well. And what about you?