Probably, this is not exactly the scenario of use that Elon Musk’s companies expected when they developed Powerwall and Starlink, but currently, it is thanks to them that part of the infrastructure of Ukraine is supported.

The occupiers have damaged a significant part of important objects, due to which, in particular, there are problems with energy supply and communication in some regions of Ukraine. Starlink and Powerwall help with these things.

Previously, the Ministry of Digital Transformation had already published photos with installed Starlink “dishes”, which Ukrzaliznytsia even managed to try on trains. And this time, the Ministry of Digital Transformation reported on the operation of Powerwall 2 solar stations in Donetsk Region.

⚡️ We continue to provide Ukraine with Tesla Powerwall 2

Another settlement in Donetsk received powerful batteries. Tesla Powerwall 2 is able to provide local Internet providers with backup power, despite constant shelling and absence of electricity.

This is how doctors, utility workers, firefighters, and city dwellers will stay in touch, despite the constant shelling and no electricity.

The message also added that Mykolayiv Region will be the next region where such a decision is planned to be applied.