According to the Respawn Entertainment job listing, the company began development of a new game in the universe of Apex Legends which, as we recall, is shared with the Titanfall cycle. There are no details yet, only that it will be a single-player first-person shooter.

In the job description, the project is called “Apex Universe FPS Incubation title” which probably means that a small team is currently working on it before it’s ready for an official announcement.

Most likely, it will be a story game in the Apex Legends series, but there is also a small chance that it will be closer to Titanfall – which is certainly what all fans of this already classic series are hoping for.

A year ago, the developer already announced the start of work on a new shooter, but it is not yet known whether is it the same game or did Respawn decide to tackle two different projects at the same time.