Every year, technology companies work on improving benefits – additional advantages for professionals, such as insurance or remote work. According to research data of Harvard Business Review, 88% of specialists are willing to compromise salary expectations if the company provides health insurance. Also, in the new realities, the company’s position on the war and its specific assistance to Ukrainian businesses are increasingly important to specialists.

According to the data of Forbes, the most popular benefits include health insurance, paid vacation, life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, mental health/emotional well-being services. This dynamic is confirmed by internal data of the international IT company GlobalLogic.

So, in 2022, more than 36% of GlobalLogic specialists chose health insurance from a partner insurance company, and more than 42% – Wellbeing Deposit, which can be spent on sports activities, visits to a psychologist, etc. For specialists who have moved, the GlobalLogic company has added to the Wellbeing Deposit the possibility of purchasing health insurance outside of Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine affected the expectations of candidates from their customers. Now, engineers also want to see the company’s involvement in helping Ukrainians, the absence of ties to Russia, and a clear position on the war in Ukraine.

“After the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine, the company’s clear position on the war and the lack of cooperation with aggressor countries was among the top expectations of IT specialists,” says Andriy Yavorskyi, senior vice president for strategy and technology, GlobalLogic, “During the interview, the company’s recruiters hear from candidates whether it has any business with Russia. We emphasize every time that GlobalLogic has never been present in Russia. We see that this issue has become fundamental for Ukrainian engineers and we fully share their position.”

Also, specialists increasingly prefer the possibility of remote work with a flexible schedule. According to the Harvard Business Review, more than 80% of employees want to be able to work from home. Among GlobalLogic’s Ukrainian specialists, more than 86% perform tasks remotely.