Windows 11 share among Steam users is growing very slowly, but still: according to June Steam Survey, the number of computers with the current version of the Microsoft operating system increased by 1.64% and reached 21.23% for the first time in history “taking” the 20% barrier.

However, Windows 10 remains the most popular OS, and Windows 11 will not be able to overtake it very soon although the prevalence of the “ten” has decreased by almost 3% over the last month, it still confidently occupies the first place with 71.26%.

Windows 11 came out almost a year ago, and such a slow penetration, at first glance, may seem a little strange but the relatively small number of innovations compared to Windows 10, the lack of noticeable advantages in gaming applications, and the requirements for new hardware seem to have significantly slowed down the spread of Windows 11.