Last week, a CGI video became popular on Telegram channels and social networks, in which the “Banderomobile”, a ZAZ vehicle equipped with guns and wheels from an off-road vehicle destroys a convoy of tanks of the Russian invaders. Here’s the actual video, but be warned, it contains a lot of profanity:

The author of the clip remained unknown, but it turned out to be CGI specialist Pavlo Osadchy. On his Facebook page, he notified that the video got into network prematurely, and was created in order to raise funds for the Armed Forces.

“The video of the Banderamobile really hit the net prematurely. And I’m very glad that you appreciated it, but I was thinking about more than just hype. With his help, I planned to raise funds for our defenders,” writes Pavlo.

Banderomobile, which destroys the occupiers: the author of the viral video promises to complete it soon

Now he plans to finalize the video and launch a fundraiser along with its publication, so you can follow updates from the author on his social media pages.