Cat Drive is a simple but colorful clicker shooter about our cats who deal with the invasion of orcs and destroy bosses like the leaders of some neighboring countries.

The battles are taking place on maps based on legendary locations such as Zmiinyi Island, Hostomel Airport, Chornobaivka and even the Moskva cruiser. Among the enemies there are various orcs (note the phrases that they shout while dying), Mustachioed Cockroach, Don, Minister of War and Minister of Unnecessary Affairs of Russia.

The game is available on Android and Windows, in addition, it can be run simply in the browser.

Cat Drive is a free game, but the authors encourage all concerned to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine by transferring funds to the needs of the army, or buy NFT based on the project.

Windows version of the game uses Unreal Engine 4. Interestingly, according to the name of the executable file, the internal name of the project is Palianytsia. Oleg Golubovskyi, a producer of the studio Dreamate, was involved in the release of the game, at least its Android version. Mezha will try to find out the details.

The authors promise to support the game by releasing monthly updates with new bosses, maps, and challenges.