Dutch and German 155mm PzH 2000 have already been received by the Armed Forces. This was reported on Facebook by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov.

“We have replenishment!
The first Panzerhaubitze2000 – ✅
German Panzerhaubitze2000 with trained Ukrainian crews appeared in the Ukrainian artillery family.
Importantly. This is the 6th type of 155-mm artillery, which strengthens our defense. Our warriors are already beating the enemy with M777, FH70, M109, AHS Krab and Caesar. From now on, Ph2000 has joined this “club of the best”.
As always, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, will use them 100% effectively on the battlefield. Of course, a special huge thanks to our gunners, who have already become a world legend.
I would also like to thank the German partners for their support, which we continue to look forward to.
The emergence of Ph2000 is an example of cooperation in support of Ukraine. I very much appreciate the efforts of my colleague, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, and I am pleased to thank the Netherlands and Kajsa Ollongren. “

There is information that Ukraine will receive a full-fledged PzH 2000 division with 12 SPH – 7 from Germany and another 5 from the Netherlands.

PzH 2000 SPH specifications
Weight – 55.3 tons
Length – 11.7 m
Width – 3.6 m
Height – 3.1 m
Crew – 5 (commander, driver, gunner, and two loaders)
Main armament – 155-mm gun Rheinmetall L52
Ammunition – 60 rounds
Rate of fire – 3 rounds in 9.0 seconds (burst)
10 rounds per minute
Effective firing range:
Conventional shells: 30–36 km
Base bleed: 40–47 km
RAP: 67 km
Secondary armament – Rheinmetall MG3 7.62 mm machine gun
Engine – MTU 881 Ka-500 diesel
Power – 986 hp
Operating range – 420 km
Speed (road) – 60 km/h