Manga about the Ghost of Kyiv: participation of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan and ambitious plans for selling 100 thousand copies

The editorial board of Mezha received a response from publishing house Ranok regarding the publication of manga about The Ghost of Kyiv .

“Good morning!
The history of the Ukrainian edition began in late April, when we saw the news about a Japanese artist who created a manga about the heroic Ghost of Kyiv. It was not possible to contact the author directly, so we were helped by… the Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan Serhii Korsunskyi. Within a couple of weeks, the editorial office received the files and started working to the sounds of the sirens and explosions, because our leading editor is in Kharkiv. We are optimistic that we will receive the circulation in mid-July. But we understand that anything can happen during a war. The manga will be published in Ukrainian and English, and the first edition in Ukrainian will be 10,000 copies. Our ambitious plans are to sell 100,000 copies.

The retail price of the publication is UAH 149, we plan to send 15% of the profit to the Armed Forces. That is, everyone who buys a book helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We are also currently negotiating with European and North American book distributors.”

100,000 copies of manga in Ukraine is an incredible number. Almost fantastic. On the other hand, there is a feeling that the story with this manga will be similar to the story of stamps about Russian warship, i.e. queues, scandals, server crashes and so on. An additional edition will need to be printed. It’s easier with comics than with a stamp.

Representatives of the publishing house promised to post a link to pre-order the manga on Facebook today. We will definitely update this post.

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