The popular Voicemod program, which changes real-time voices, is beginning to use artificial intelligence. In the new beta Voicemod AI Voices offers eight options, whose vote can be obtained in this way. Among them are Morgan Freeman, astronaut, pilot and others.

Voicemod has been converting voices for several years in a row, but has previously used classic sound design techniques. From now on, AI complements these new voice effects. Morgan’s voice is really impressive, allowing anyone to feel like a famous actor or just talk to Morgan Freeman’s polished acting voice. The Pilot option is also interesting – the sound effects create the feeling that the user is really piloting the plane.

Voicemod will use AI to change any voice to the voice of Morgan Freeman and other characters

All votes are processed in real time, so they are ideal for streaming and pranks. Data for the votes were collected with the help of English-speaking voice actors. They read some text to generate data for an AI-based model. Later, sound designers used more traditional techniques to turn data into full-fledged characters. In addition to voices, many of these characters have dynamic effects, filters and background music.

You can sign up to test the beta version of the new product at the link. The basic version of Voicemod also remains available on PC.