According to the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, following the meeting of the Third Contact Group on Ukraine’s Defense at Rammstein, the Ukrainian military has already completed training at HIMARS, and by the end of June, the Armed Forces will have received these systems.

“By the end of the month, we will hand over HIMARS systems, ammunition, and a trained crew for operational use in Ukraineʼs defense,” said General Milley.

The general added that the United States has already trained 420 Ukrainian soldiers to work with M777 howitzers, 300 Ukrainians with M109 anti-aircraft guns, and 129 Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters with M113 armored personnel carriers, another 100 with UAVs, and 60 with HIMARS MLRS.

Judging by the number of servicemen trained at HIMARS, the United States is going to hand over at least one, and most likely two, HIMARS batteries to the Armed Forces. That is, we are talking about 6-12 launchers, 12-24 reloading machines, and 12-24 trailers for transporting missiles.

Finally, General Millie once again listed the number of weapons the United States has already handed over to Ukraine: more than 60,000 Javelin anti-RPG missiles, more than 5,000 Stinger MANPADS, and more than 700 Switchblade drones, 20 Mi-17 helicopters, and hundreds of thousands of small arms ammunition.

According to the general, Ukraine has already received 97,000 anti-tank systems from international partners, which is “more than there are tanks in the world.”