British company QinetiQ will send 10 sapper robots TALON to Ukraine, in addition to the 12 already demining Ukrainian cities and villages. Oleksiy Biloshytskyi, First Deputy Chief of the Patrol Police Department of Ukraine, wrote about this on Facebook.

QinetiQ TALON’s work has been used by police and army sappers around the world since 2000. Such work involved demining following the events of September 11, 2001 in New York and the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Back in 2020, the manufacturer reported crossing the bar of 4,000 robots of this type.

Interestingly, Qinetiq-NA also has combat versions of TALON robots – SWORDS TALON, which are equipped with an M16 rifle, a light machine gun M249 caliber 5.56 mm or a machine gun M240 caliber 7.62 mm. SWORDS TALON even has a .50 BMG 12.7 ×99 mm NATO Barrett M82 sniper rifle, a 40 mm M79 grenade launcher, or a M202 FLASH four-barrel rocket launcher with a range of 750 m! Can we get such TALON too?

Ukraine will receive ten QinetiQ TALON sapper robots

TALON 5 specifications
Length – 87 cm
Width – 58 cm
Height – 83 cm
Weight – 81 kg (with batteries)
Endurance – 3-4 hours
Load capacity – 100 kg
The gripping force of the manipulator – 49.9 kg
Range – 800 m line of sight
Cameras: NTSC infrared analog camera: 510×49; 2.1 megapixel digital zoom camera; 268x digital zoom camera; you can optionally add a thermal camera and night vision