Nivalis – a new cyberpunk gane from Cloudpunk creators

Although Ion Lands’ flying taxi driver simulator Cloudpunk didn’t get for some reason to the list of cyberpunk games better than Cyberpunk 2077, according to the editors of Mezha, the atmosphere is generally the most cyberpunk of all cyberpunk games. And so the creators of Cloudpunk present a new game Nivalis, the events of which unfold  in the city of Nivalis, and the graphics imitate Cloudpunk.  And it’s very cool.

At Nivalis, you don’t have to drive an illegal taxi, instead you build your own business, starting with a modest street stand with noodles.  What will happen in the end depends on you – restaurant, bar, nightclub and more.

But it is not limited to business and restaurant. Nivalis is a cyberpunk life simulator, so you can make friends, explore the city, build your own home, cook your own meals and even grow your own ingredients.

Like Cloudpunk, the new game from Ion Lands uses graphics that look almost like voxel, although it is not. But thanks to the lighting and design, the game looks really great.

There is no release date for the game yet, but it is known that Nivalis will be released on Steam та Epic Games Store, so we add it to the bookmarks.