Ukrainian 220-mm MLRS Bureviy is already at the front

At the end of December 2021, exactly two months before the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, the Shepetivka Repair Plant received a batch of 16 heavy chassis Tatra T815-7 in 8×8 wheel formula for the new Ukrainian 220-mm multiple rocket launcher Bureviy. And it seems that at least one of those Bureviys finally got to the Armed Forces. Let’s hope that the remaining 15 newest Ukrainian MLRS will not delay and will help to destroy the ruscists.

A video of the system at Ukrainian military positions recently appeared online.

At first glance, MLRS Bureviy is a Soviet Uragan on the chassis Tatra T815-7, but this is not the case. The most important innovations are hidden inside. And most importantly there is a digital fire control system along with an information exchange system on the battlefield. It allows the inclusion of Bureviy in a single reconnaissance and strike circuit, when information from reconnaissance vehicles, such as UAVs, is transmitted online to the means of destruction. Of course, this significantly reduces the time from finding targets to opening fire, and thus destroying the enemy.

In addition, the Pivdenne Design Office is developing new projectiles with a range of up to 65 km for the Bureviy MLRS as part of the Typhoon-2 program. And if the new shells integrate technologies that have already been tested on the Vilkha missile system, we will have a kind of HIMARIS mini.

The Tatra T815-7 chassis in 8×8 wheel formula with a payload of up to 24.5 tons was chosen by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine as a unified solution for all heavy artillery, jet, missile and a number of auxiliary systems – anti-ship missile system Neptun”, radar complex Mineral-U, high-precision missile system Vilkha.

Caliber – 220 mm;
Full volley time – 8.8 s;
Maximum firing range – up to 36 km (conventional shells), up to 65 km (Typhoon-2 shells);
Area affected – 326,000 m2;
Time of transfer from the starting position to the combat position – no more than 2 minutes;
Time of transfer from combat to marching position – no more than 2 minutes;
Chassis – Tatra T815-7;
Wheels formula – 8×8;
Speed ​​(road) – up to 105 km/h;
Power reserve – 700 km.

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