Researchers at Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore have created an elastic and waterproof “fabric” that converts energy produced during body movements into electrical energy.

The main component of the fabric is a polymer, which when pressed or compressed converts mechanical load into electrical energy. In addition, the fabric consists of elastic spandex as a base layer and integrated rubber material, which make it strong, flexible and waterproof.

Experiments have shown that pressing a piece of new fabric measuring 3 by 4 cm generates enough electricity to light 100 LEDs. At the same time washing, folding and wrinkling of the fabric do not cause deterioration of productivity. Stable electric power was maintained for five months.

Singaporean scientists suggest that their fabric can be woven into T-shirts or integrated into the soles of shoes to collect energy from the slightest movement of the body, transferring it to mobile devices, smart clothes and so on.