South Korean studio NCSoft, well known to domestic players thanks to the MMORPG series Lineage and Guild Wars, has announced a new game in the genre of interactive movie. Project M uses Unreal Engine 5 and all its latest technologies to create a truly stunning picture.

As it is customary in projects of this genre, in Project M the player’s actions will influence the development of events, opening different branches of the plot and even different endings. Judging by the trailer, it will be a kind of game in the spirit of Quantic Dream, but Korean. The plot of Project M is about a man who wants revenge for his wife’s death. And, it seems, it worked out without time travel, or at least without the ability to manage time.

In the trailer, among other things, you can see the use of motion capture and 3D scanning of real rooms and streets. No release date or even platforms for Project M have been announced yet. But in the end, you can see that the game will be released under the new NCing brand.