The current stage of the Russian-Ukrainian war is the artillery war and UAVs, which are correcting artillery fire. By June 6, 2022, the Ukrainian military had shot down 551 enemy drones, but unfortunately, our “birds” also suffer, and sometimes even from “friendly fire”, because it is difficult to distinguish UAVs high in the sky, especially with the naked eye.

To reduce the number of losses from “friendly fire”, volunteer and editor-in-chief of Pavlo Kashchuk (it was he, who did a famous analysis of the Russian UAV Orlan 10) and his team prepared a simple memo on the types of Russian UAVs and similar Ukrainian drones with emphasis on differences.

The author asks to distribute this memo as widely as possible, and even print it. Printable files can be found on Google Drive.

These letters with UAV silhouettes reminded me of posters with silhouettes of enemy planes printed for anti-aircraft guns by all countries that took part in World War II.