The Google TV app has undergone numerous changes, launches, and updates over the past two months. Finally it was made officially available in App Store for iOS owners.

According to Google’s description, the new app will contain:

  • recommendations from streaming services the user is subscribed to
  • “What to watch” list for your findings
  • “For you” tab with the same lists of favorite stars
  • the ability to rate movies and shows
  • a library with you for those who are not at home
  • personalized news feed, reviews and other information on your favorite topics
  • the ability to use your phone as a remote control for Google TV and other Android TV devices

The new Google TV app is available for iOS. It allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control

Previously, Google had a separate “Movies and TV” section of the Play Store, available to iOS users. The company has been removing the app since June, offering a new Google TV instead. For those who have already installed “Movies and TV” on a smartphone, they will upgrade to Google TV. 

Android users have been familiar with the app for two years. It was announced for them in September 2020. When Google Play Movies & TV changed to Google TV, the app got a new design and easier content search. However, most of its content remained the same.