It is still unknown at this time when the next “numbered” part of Diablo will be released so for now fans of the series will have to “waste time” in Diablo Immortal, a game that was originally developed exclusively for mobile devices, but was later scheduled to be released on PC.

The official release date of Diablo Immortal is today, June 2, however for Android and iOS for some players it was opened yesterday. As for the PC version, everything is the same. The open beta of the game will be available today at 8 p.m. Kyiv time.

Diablo Immortal can already be downloaded in the official launcher – the game is distributed according to the free-to-play scheme, i.e you can install it and start playing absolutely free of charge. Blizzard plans to make money on microtransactions, which, according to the publisher, will not affect the basic gameplay.